Western Nevada Regional Youth Center (WNRYC) is an inpatient adolescent substance abuse treatment program funded by five Rural Nevada counties: Douglas, Carson City, Storey, Lyon and Churchill. They fund WNRYC in order to provide evidence based treatment for adolescents involved with the court system, due to a substance use problem. WNRYC serves 12-18yoa male and female adolescents and provides individual/family therapy, with alcohol and drug counseling.

Client's must be court ordered into WNRYC's treatment program. Trained Youth Counselors and a level system will assist the client with daily feedback on behavior and progress. WNRYC also has Alcohol and Drug Counselor(s) and Mental Health Therapist(s). Juvenile Probation Officers assist with the client's treatment progress by maintaining regular visits with them throughout their program.

WNRYC case managers develop 30-day treatment plans in collaboration with the client to address identified needs. Treatment focus is about exchanging a negative unhealthy lifestyle with a positive healthy life by learning and practicing new skills.

Treatment for substance use involves communication and learning about substance use and/or addiction. However, it also involves subjects that have nothing to do with alcohol and drugs. "This is because all substance use is controlled by a person's brain, and treatment involves helping clients learn healthy ways to think and act in everyday life. By working hard in treatment, a person can learn to control their thoughts, feelings and behaviors in healthy ways to become the person they dream of being", Timothy Kahn, MSW.

WNRYC also has a year-round school, Eagle Ridge High School, in Lyon County that serves 7th through 12th grade. Lyon County provides Eagle Ridge with a full-time teacher who assists with transitioning from one school to another and with the credit retrieval process. Most of our clients arrive credit deficient but are able to accumulate needed credits to transition back into public school or even earn their GED.

On behalf of all our dedicated staff we want to thank you for joining us in providing the best treatment for our generational youth!

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