Western Nevada Regional Youth Center has a Zero Tolerance Policy against all forms of sexual abuse and sexual harassment. The protection of the facility’s youth against all forms of sexual abuse and sexual harassment is important. All employees, staff, clients, contract employees, contract services personnel, volunteers and visitors are subject to the Zero Tolerance Policy.

How do I report sexual abuse and/or sexual harassment?

Clients of the facility have the right to report sexual abuse and/or sexual harassment, free from retaliation and consequence. Reports can be filed in the following ways:

1. Direct reporting to a staff member.
2. Use of the grievance box.
3. Written correspondence to a specific staff member.
4. Request to speak to the Youth Counselor Supervisor.
5. Request to speak to Case Management.
6. Request to speak to the Director.
7. Request to speak to their Probation Officer, parent, or legal representative.
8. Anonymously through a third party.

Parents or other third parties may report on behalf of a client using any of the contact numbers provided on the website.

Clients receive PREA Education about their protection of sexual abuse and sexual harassment.

When a complaint rises to the level of an internal investigation it will be assigned to a designated individual. All criminal investigations will be referred to the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office. If the Sheriff’s Office declines to investigate, WNRYC will initiate an Administrative Investigation.

All clients have an equal opportunity to participate in or benefit from all aspects of the facility’s efforts to prevent, detect, and respond to sexual abuse and sexual harassment. Material is provided in various formats that ensure effective communication with all clients, including clients with disabilities. 


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775-577-4200 Ext 10

Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA)